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Looking After Your Clothes: v. Shoes

Shoes invariably show signs of wear and tear faster than clothes. If you walk a lot, think about switching to a suitable pair of shoes for the walk, or factor in regular trips to the cobbler to keep leather or heeled shoes in good condition.


  • To look after new leather shoes or boots, treat with a leather protector spray and leave to dry.

  • Try to find the exact shade of polish to match the leather.

  • Leather wipes can be useful for a quick wipe down.

  • Take to the cobblers to be re-soled before wear-and-tear causes damage to the underside of the shoe.


  • Suede shoes, boots, handbag or coats may not be suitable investment pieces, unless you intend to wear them rarely and carefully. However, you can enjoy your suede, by taking good care of it.

  • Buy a suede protector spray and use immediately on new purchases.

  • Clean your suede with steam. Using a steamer, the steam jet on your iron or your kettle, hold your boot or shoe over the jet of steam, without getting it wet.

  • Using a stiff, wire brush, carefully brush back and forth over any stained or discoloured areas until clean.

Black Shoe Polish - How to look after your Shoes


  • Trainers can be washed in the washing machine occasionally on a short wash cycle with a low spin cycle to avoid damaging the structure of the shoe. They can also be handwashed more frequently.

  • Scrub off any dirt or mud with a damp cloth first.

  • Take the laces out and pre-soak them and any stains on the trainers with a stain-removing spray.

  • Stuff the inside of the trainers with kitchen paper or newspaper and dry in direct sunlight or inside an airing cupboard.


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