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Looking After Your Clothes: vi. Woollens

Woollens, both natural and synthetic, can last for years, if well made and well looked after.


  • Bobbling or pilling of wool can make your garment look old and worn.

  • Firstly, bobbling tends to build up in areas of the garment where friction is caused by your daily movements, for example, the fabric under your armpits or under a rucksack.

  • Wash knitwear inside out, as bobbling is more visible after machine washing.

  • Use a de-pilling brush or handheld de-pilling machine with a rotator blade where you need to.

  • (A de-pilling razor or pulling the balls of wool of yourself can weaken the fabric).

  • Brush the jumper gently with a clothing brush afterwards to remove stray wool fibres.

Knitted Wool Jumpers / Sweaters - How to look after Woollens


  • Either hand-wash in cool to warm water, using a liquid detergent such as Woolite, squeezing the fabric gently and rinsing in cool water or machine wash on a wool or delicates cycle.

  • Do not tumble dry or wring dry, as they may become mis-shaped.

  • Dry flat and shape carefully. Do not hang to dry - the garment may stretch unevenly.


  • Fold and store in drawers, rather than hanging on a coathanger to prevent stretching. Very lightweight garments can be hung on velvet hangers.

  • Out-of-season knitwear can be folded and stored in knitwear storage bags with anti-moth sachets or cedar balls to protect from moth damage. The storage bag should be totally sealed with no holes.


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