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Looking After Your Clothes: viii. Glasses and Sunglasses

  • Glasses can last many years if looked after properly and stored in a hard-boxed case.


  • A build up of sweat, oil, dirt and make up can transfer onto glasses on a daily basis, which can then transfer back onto your skin.

  • Using washing-up liquid, warm water and a lint-free cloth, gently wipe the glasses' surfaces down.

  • Use a microfibre lens cloth (often stored in your glasses or sunglasses case) with a lens cleaner spray or wipe to give them a quick clean.

  • Glasses cleaner wipes can be useful for travel.

Reading Glasses - How to look after Glasses and Sunglasses


  • A small glasses repair toolbox can be useful and purchased easily online. It can include micro-screwdrivers; replacement glasses screws and caps in a variety of sizes; replacement plastic nosepieces; tweezers and a lint cloth.

  • A micro-screwdriver on a keyring can be useful for on-the-go repairs.


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