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Style Reflections: iv. Trend-Proofing your Wardrobe

  • Do you enjoy participating at the cutting edge of fashion or would you love to escape the never-ending cycle of fashion trends? Or something in between? Timeless, yet current? If so, is it even possible to 'trend-proof' your wardrobe?

Computer Analyst making a Trend Forecast

  • If you love to express your creativity or vision through clothing choice, early uptake of trends may be for you. You may be involved in a creative, innovative industry such as fashion, art or media.

  • If you have more traditional values and think that ever-changing fashion is a waste of time and money, trend-proofing your wardrobe is definitely for you!

  • Many people fall somewhere between these extremes and would function well with a timeless, basic wardrobe that they can add a few trendy pieces to.

  • To trend-proof your style, look for minimal, classic or lack of detail clothing. Because cuts of basic garments change so much over time, look for moderate detail eg. straight leg jeans; polo neck sweater; neutral colour schemes; items that are already labelled 'classic'; items your grandparents and your children might both wear.

  • For your basic wardrobe item, focus on 'mega-trends' rather than the 'micro-trends', which tend to be seasonal.

  • Micro-trends might be neon colours, Y2K or tie-dye. For a young, fun, in-the-moment style, wear micro-trends.

  • Mega-trends might be 'dressing for comfort' and it's connection to the societal trend of working from home; innovative re-cycled fabrics that support environmental goals; outdoor wear and it's connection to mental and physical health; vintage influences directly from the growing second-hand clothing market; unisex clothing and its reflection of more flexible gender roles and specialist technical items such as ski jackets with in-built UV protection.

  • Mega-trends in fashion are influenced by meta-trends - over-arching trends in society that span decades, such as the growth in social media and news information; the importance of emotions; awareness of climate change. Becoming aware of societal trends helps us to hone our understanding of fashion trends.


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