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Patterns in Fashion: ii. Paisley

  • Paisley is an ornamental design, printed or embroidered onto fabric and comprising multi-directional teardrops and swirling designs, probably originating from Persia. Often sewn with silver and gold thread, it is still used as part of traditional Iranian wedding attire.

Paisley Tie - Paisley Print in Fashion

  • Paisley fabric is used commonly to make ties, shirts, trousers, dresses, coats and bandanas and scarves in silk, cotton and wool.

  • Paisley gets its name from the town of Paisley in the Lowlands of Scotland, which became the leading manufacturer of paisley shawls and fabrics in the eighteenth Century.

  • In fashion, paisley became popular as part of the Bohemian look of late-1960s London, which incorporated Middle Eastern patterns and designs.

  • Yves Saint Laurent used paisley in the late-1970s as part of his luxurious take on the Russian peasant look.

  • The Italian fashion house Etro uses paisley extensively in silk. Liberty of London also uses paisley, in cotton lawn and cotton poplin, for clothing and interior furnishings. In both cases, paisley has become part of their signature style.


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