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Looking After Your Clothes: ix. Fabric Dyes

  • Clothes fabric dyes eg. Dylon are a great way of reviving faded black or navy clothes, back to full brightness and depth.

  • You can experiment with all colours, but if you stick to similar or slightly darker than the original fabric dyes, the results will be more predictable.

  • Only natural fibres can be dyed eg. cotton, wool, linen. If the fabric is mixed synthetic and natural (eg 50% polyester, 50% cotton), the fabric can still be dyed, but to a less intense finish.

  • Make sure that the stitching is a similar colour to the intended finish, as lighter stitching will stand out from the deepened or changed colour of the dyed garment.

  • Make sure the stitching is a natural fibre. Synthetic thread stitching cannot be dyed, so if the garment label indicates the stitching is synthetic, only go ahead if it's a perfect match to the deepened/changed colour of the dyed garment.

Shades of Dyed Fabric - How to Fabric Dye at Home

  • Clothes can be hand-dyed in a bowl or machine-dyed, both with added salt. After dyeing, wash the item on a new cycle, then run a further cycle to clean the washing machine. Afterwards, go round the lip of the rim of the door with kitchen paper to remove last residue of dye.

  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.


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