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Looking After Your Clothes: iii. Ironing

  • To prevent mineral build up on the iron from staining clothes and clogging the small holes for steaming, keep the metal plate clean. When the iron is off, use an iron cleaner or mix baking powder and water into a paste and rub on to the plate. Use a soft brush to gently scrub it in and water to rinse off.

  • Follow the washing instructions on the garment label. A too-hot iron can melt very delicate fabrics in seconds. You can organise your ironing pile into clothes that need lower temperature settings ironed first, then clothes that need higher temperature settings last (eg linens).


  • For hard water areas, use distilled water, to prevent a build up of mineral deposits. Empty the water container after every use.

Folding Laundry - How to Iron Clothes


  • For a crisper finish, you can start ironing a slightly damp shirt. Or spray a dry shirt with a water spray to soften creases. Or use a starch spray for a stiffer, starchier finish.

  • Iron the underside, then overside of cuffs and collar, then the yoke area of the shirt (top of the shoulders), one side, then the next, over the pointed end of the ironing board. Then, using the widest part of the ironing board, iron the sleeves, then the body of the shirt to finish.

  • Hang up immediately to avoid any new creasing.


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