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Looking After Your Clothes: iv. Steaming

To keep your clothes wrinkle free without ironing, you can buy a specialist steamer, either plug-in or portable for travel or you can use the steam button on your iron to create a jet of steam. If you are travelling and don't have access to a steamer or iron, you can fill a shut bathroom with steam from a hot shower and hang your outfit nearby to reduce any creases.


  • Long or complicated dresses that can re-crease on an ironing board.

  • Very delicate silk scarves, blouses or dresses.

  • Clothes such as suits or dresses that have been worn once and you intend to wear again, but don't need laundering.

  • Clothes that have been unpacked from a travel Bag or suitcase and are creased.

Rail of Clothes - How to Steam your Clothes


  • Try to make space to hang your garment freely and not get surrounding walls or cupboards wet.

  • Start from the bottom of the item and work upwards.

  • Be careful not to drip water onto the garment.

  • For more delicate fabrics, work slightly away from the fabric with the steamer nozzle.

  • For very delicate fabrics, turn the garment inside out.


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