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Is Psychological Style Analysis for me?

An accurate Color and Style Analysis will provide the building blocks to great style. An analysis of lifestyle will point us to which categories of clothing will best suit us. An analysis of our values will point us to the brands, manufacturing and shopping experiences best suited to us.

But what if we still feel stuck? We don't know why we want to change or who we want to look like?

Woman listening to headset, lying on a rug
What to wear.....?

  • Take the quiz on the Homepage to think about your motivation for change. Your result will give you a clue as to what is holding your style back. Take some time to consider your fears around change.

  • Understanding your Personality Type will help you to understand your innate talents as well as fears around your image. Although there are many stereotypes associated with personality typing, I focus on the cognitive functions, to help you understand your own decision-making in regard to your style. For further information, read:

  • Understanding your dominant Jungian Archetypes will help you to think about how you can use your innate drives to dress in alignment with who you want to become. This can add excitement and creativity to your style.

Psychological Style Analysis will take your style further than the building blocks of Color and Style ID. It will help you to own your style with greater self-awareness.


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