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Is Seasonal Color Analysis for Me?

Colour Swatches to illustrate Colour Analysis

  • Color Analysis helps you to select the colours that harmonise most accurately with your skin tone and overall colouring. It may not be obvious to you that a favourite garment does not flatter your skin tone, particularly if you enjoy wearing it, it's in fashion and especially, if you have an emotional attachment to it.

  • Reducing our own subjectivity towards our appearance can take time and patience. After I have carefully analysed small differences between colors against your skin, you will see more clearly how your skin reacts to color, based on your skin tone. Your ability to see and discern these differences will hopefully increase until you gain confidence in your own ability to judge, on the spot, if a color is right for you. In the meantime, you will have a digital palette to help you.

  • Color Analysis seeks to find the temperature, intensity and depth of your skin tone, eye color and hair color through careful analysis using side-by-side comparisons. The findings at each stage are recorded in your Color Analysis Report, so that you can see the process and results for yourself. Understanding your own colouring, can be a source of internal confidence in selecting clothes. I encourage you to participate with your own questions and observations.

  • If you wish wear a particular colour outside your palette, I can offer advice on how to do this, in keeping with your Color ID and Style ID. Style is art, as well as science, and we can use the principles of color theory to create interesting color combinations.

  • Your Style ID gives you further information on what color types and combinations will work best for your overall image.

  • I am trained in ByFerial 4x4 Color System. I use similar techniques, but I put more emphasis on Intensity of Color, as I have found, through experience, that there are people who are Bright or Clear in intensity, but not fully and people who are Muted or Soft and Intensity, but not fully. Many people fall somewhere on this spectrum and can end up with colours that are slightly too soft, too bright, too dark or too light using traditional Seasonal methods.

  • You just need to submit 4 CLEAR photos of yourself in outdoor/window lighting and Buy Now to receive your report shortly.


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