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Is Body Type Analysis for Me?

Style Analysis - understanding Silhouette

  • Over time, fashion changes; our bodies can change shape and size, as well as our desire to look a certain way. For our wardrobes to stand the test of time, we need a blueprint that works: a basic formula - lines, shapes, styles, that we can keep in mind and return to, when needed.

  • But, would this formula put me in a box style-wise? Would the results restrict my fashion choices? Would I always look the same? The results will eliminate the unflattering styles from your wardrobe, but can also be used to re-create some of your favourite looks in a way that suits you. Or you could develop a very individual style or aesthetic.

  • In the Style ID Report, you will receive suggested silhouettes, shapes, fabrics, patterns, accessories, hair styling and make up application, that work with your body, not against it.

  • For example, if you are a fashion follower, at the start of every new fashion season, you could go through the new trends, putting a tick next to the ones that fit your style recommendations. If there is a look you love that does not work well with your lines, perhaps you could use the pattern, colour or fabric instead. Or request a personal look book, put together for new season or new style inspiration.

  • Body type analysis is not meant to put you in a box, but give you the knowledge, tools and confidence to create looks to your best advantage. The results can be mixed with your clothing priorities, lifestyle needs as well as your Psychological Style Profile to create beautiful and bespoke style solutions.


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