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 ByFerial The Universal 4x4 Color System
The London School of Make-Up Certification

I have a background in Sports Coaching (BSc Sports Science, Loughborough, 1998) and Personal Training (Premier, 2001) and have worked with clients one-to-one to bring out their best. As a Psychodynamic Counsellor (University of London, 2009) I have supported my clients through difficult emotional times. I encourage good mental health in my relations with others. 

After developing an interest in personal style and reading everything I could find on the subject, I qualified as a professional Image Consultant (ByFerial, 2015) an Association of Image Consultants International CEU-Approved Program. I qualified as a professional Make Up Artist (London School of Make Up, 2017). 

As part of my own research into Colour Theory, Body Lines and Fashion Style, I have met and consulted with a wide variety of international image consultants, stylists and organisations, in order to find what really works. After assisting Dwynn Larson with editing her written work on 'All Types of Beauty', based on the work of David Kibbe's 'Metamorphosis', I have further studied and developed Dwynn's typing methods. I am qualified in the ByFerial 4x4 Color Analysis System and have conducted independent research into colour theory.

I have also researched Psychological types using modern approaches to Carl Jung's concept of Cognitive Typing, as well as his work on Archetypes, to understand personality structure and how it might relate to our appearance and image. I believe that dressing in alignment with who we are makes a positive impact on our presentation and communication. 

I have enjoyed working with people of different genders, ages, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, from all over the world. I am grateful to have learnt so much from them and their particular style requirements.

My goal, now, is to help you transform your ability to find and wear your best style, look good and feel consistently more confident about your overall presentation, day after day. 

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